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Stooped in musical history, FAC251 is the old headquaters for Factory Records and the place where the careers of the likes of New Order and The Happy Mondays were born out of. Arriving at around 1am, the night entitled ‘Stone Love’ was already in full swing – 3 different floors playing standard indie, electro pop and hacienda classics. The place is like a maze with different staircases leading to each level; a very industrial kind of feel – it reminded me a lot of the warehouse project, a kind of grungy, metallic space with exposed brickwork.

We spent the majority of the night on the top level – they played a mix of electronica, funk and a little electro with a live percussionist on bongos playing along to add that extra layered beat over the top. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing in here – it was such a relaxed atmosphere, everyone was in there to have a good time and dance. So many places nowadays are full of posers standing around looking ‘cool’ – not here. There wasn’t one person in the room that wasn’t sweating. I think that’s how it should be.

This is not a place to come in a posh dress and heels or a suit and tie – if you’re looking for a night of extravagance and luxury then you’d be better heading to Cloud23. FAC251 is no frills – cheap drinks, dim lighting and metallic tables. The music however, is second to none. If you love to rave then you need to pay Mr. Hook and friends a visit…

The factory is open 6 days a week catering for different musical tastes and budgets – find out more about the line up at www.factorymanchester.com.