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As a huge Twilight fan  and Pattinson admirer, I had been looking forward to Remember Me coming out for months and due to being abroad have only just got round to seeing it. So when I sat down in the cinema yesterday I was expecting great things (looking back this was probably the issue – high expectations!) The reality however, was far from great! Pattinson’s performance was poor and the chemisty between him and de Ravin was a D+ at best – there was moments when I felt awkward just watching them attempt to portray something which clearly wasn’t there. The best actor in the film was probably Caitlyn Rund playing Pattinson’s 11 year old sister!

Pattinson play’s the brooding Tyler Hawkins – a serial rule breaker who, by his own declaration, is ‘undecided about everything’. A confused child of wealth; Pattinson rebels after his older brother Michael commited suicide years before and has since decided to blame everything on his high flying lawyer father, played by Pierce Brosnan. Although this is all apparently extremely appealing to the cute girl next door who lives with her overprotective cop father it just seems a little trite. It’s been done before and the ‘quirky’ dialogue and cliche water fight scenes just add to this.

A lot of the plot is not really explained – it’s hinted at that the little sister has some kind of attention deficit and has random ‘black-outs’ which in one scene result in her apparently cutting off her own hair, however this seperate plot line is never really explored properly and the audience is left frustrated. Similarly, I would have liked the character of de Ravin’s father to be explored a little more – in essence he is the reason why the two main character’s come together in the first place and yet he rarely features in the main sequence apart from the occasional forced fight scene.

If I could get past all the flaws in dialogue, acting and lack of an original story one thing cemented by decision about this film and that was the ending. The scene starts in the sister’s classroom…the camera pans to the blackboard where the teacher starts writing ‘Tuesday, September 11 2001’ – the line ‘here we go’ came to mind…I was screaming in my head PLEASE don’t let it be one of THOSE films – but no, it was. The camera then starts to flick between the different main characters in the film…Brosnan in his car on his way to meet Pattinson who is waiting in his father’s office for him which just happens to be located in one of the two towers. To de Ravin and Pattinson’s room mate who are waiting eagerly for his return from his meeting with his father…Pattinson’s mother who run’s down the road to a perfect view of the whole city…de Ravin’s cop father who despite being portrayed as a nasty piece of work the entire film is there doing his bit for the country on the streets of New York surrounding the towers and is suddenly a national hero – it’s just so cliche!

The film ends as it starts with the rest of Pattinson’s family going to the cemetry to lay stones on a grave but this time it’s Tyler’s instead of Michael’s. I think the reason I don’t like this film is because it tries too hard but doesn’t deliver the goods. The trailer looked so promising…the passionate hallway snogs, the dessert as a starter, the smoking in his dad’s office…but infact, these were the only decent scenes in the entire movie!

A note to all Twi-hards – if you went to watch this film expecting the kind of passion, effortless chemistry and brooding scowles that we all know and love Pattinson for then you will be most disappointed…sometimes, as I am quickly learning, loyalty’s a bitch. Roll on Eclipse…