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On the 30th anniversary of his death, Ian Curtis proves his memory and influence on the British public, indeed the world, is no less poignant than it was 30 years previous by becoming a Twitter trending topic. From reading some of the things people tweet about the infamously tortured musician, it is clear that his music and performance style has undoubtedly changed people’s perceptions of popular music and the way young working class people were viewed in a time of economic hardship.

A look at some of Curtis’s lyrics reflects a feeling echoed throughout the nation, where by Thatcherism condemned a whole generation of the poor:

When routine bites hard,
And ambitions are low,
And resentment rides high,
But emotions won’t grow,
And we’re changing our ways,
Taking different roads.

It was through bands like Joy Division that many younger people began to revolt and realise they were not alone in feeling pissed off at their government. A feeling which, considering the current political climate, may become rife again once more…

Curtis’s influence on music history and popular culture is undeniable and it is through his ground-breaking music that his memory lives on. And so, on this day I would like to pay my respects to a music legend by posting this video of Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’ – Live on the BBC.

RIP Mr Curtis, my life would not be the same without you.