After cleaning up my hard drive this weekend, I came across my old undergraduate creative writing portfolio…thought I’d share my favourite poem with you all. Predictably, it’s about a band…

The Brazilian Bombshell

The bass throbs and aches.

Big, behind mad scientist synths that swirl

and bleep. The Brazilian bombshell screams,

high off the petrol fumes

pouring from a guitar that looms

tense in the shadows.

Electro beats flow to form

synthesized perfection.  A sweaty brilliance,

with chunky, velcro chords that

swagger like an alcoholic.

An explosion of rocktronica, trapped

in some fairground fantasy.

Intense industrial spirals and

jolted shoulder rolls, with echoes of square lead

to please. Foreign lyrics reverberate round

a glow-stick heaven.

Compressed into a tight ball of

ridiculous energy, she detonates with joy.